Thursday, August 23, 2012

Teamwork in Math Class

Another great day for Algebra and Geometry. We didn't tackle "Math" on day 2, but we worked together to start building the TEAMWORK atmosphere of these classes. 

The Algebra class were broken up into 5 teams of 4 and were given "THE WASHER CHALLENGE". They had to devise a system to transport a tennis ball across the room and place it in a cup. They were given a large flat washer and 4 strings. AS TEAMS they did a great job being very creative and tackling critical thinking skills. The winning team made it in 17 seconds!

The Geometry class had a different challenge. They were broken up into teams to design and build SPAGHETTI TOWERS. The winning tower was 34 inches tall.

In both classes, I had a group also monitor and evaluate how the teams worked together. THey provided great insight and did a wonderful job.

In both classes, we then began BUILDING our class rules. The students took a class rules survey and with that information I have created a rough draft of our rules. We will edit them tomorrow and then put the CONTRACT into place.  I loved the discussion and openness of the students. We shared a google doc so EVERYONE had the chance to give their opinions. We also began discussion about our CLASSROOM TWITTER account and Twitter agreements were sent home to get signatures.

NEXT UP, we will create mission statements AND create our Khan Academy Accounts. We will begin working on some basic math facts to see where everyone is BEFORE we start work on Algebra and Geometry.

What a great start to the school year. I am absolutely excited about the positive attitude of my students. They shared some great things they were grateful for, sent some positive emails, and performed some random acts of kindness. WE WILL DO THIS ALL YEAR! I can't wait to see the great things these classes will do!

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