Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Work Day

Really, every day is a work day.

But, at the beginning of school we spend so much time getting everything set up, we get very little MATH work done. The class rules for each class have been finalized and are attached below.
Geometry Class Contract

Algebra 1 Class Contract

It was a quite a cooperative effort developing these two contracts. Congress should work together so collaboratively!

All students completed weekly progress reports for last week and did a great job providing feedback about how things are going. We have now opened Khan Academy accounts to work on our Algebra and Geometry Skills. We will combine this "Skill" work with projects and connections so we can work on Critical Thinking Skills.

Here are two examples:

We opened class with this on Friday and discussed why this was true. We even tried it in class!

On Thursday we used this picture to problem solve. We asked" How tall would the person be that could sit Comfortably in this chair. (Picture from Dan Myer Blog 101qs) We came up with 72 feet tall. The class came up with some assumptions and did a good job justifying their answer. (We really used some basic algebra skills when we were planning how to solve it.) What do you think?

 Please take a seat, Gulliver
 We are really trying to get everyone to THINK to solve all sorts of problems. Math isn't just about numbers and shapes. It's about solving problems and thinking critically. We want to combine skills with these "Thinking Exercises" throughout the class.

My geometry classes just started an "Interior Design Project" to decorate the classroom walls. We will plan a layout, use measurement skills and organization to complete the project. We had our first Brainstorming session today. We will continue working on the project tomorrow!

My students are AWESOME! They are working hard and have been focused! I look forward to every day!

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