Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back to the drawing board!

I just got done grading my Algebra 1 first Skill Assessment of the year. Not what I was expecting. One of the things I noticed today when they were taking it, they are in such a BIG hurry. Many, many silly mistakes and a lot of negative signs wrong. So, we go back to the drawing board. No sense moving forward until we get this! We'll re-teach and re-assess! I will NOT let them fail!

On a bright note, the Notebooks are getting BETTER. I saw major improvements on organization and completeness!

My first Geometry skills assessment is on Friday, I hope they're ready. They will turning in notebooks on that day and taking the assessment.  REVIEW, REVIEW, REVIEW.

I Can say most of my students are working hard. The ones that have been putting in the GREAT efforts did great on the assessment! Go figure!

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