Sunday, September 2, 2012

This week!

Another week, I think my classes and I are finally getting to know each other. This week we worked on organization. I helped students organize their google docs and their Data Notebooks. I wish students knew how important a life skill it is to be organized. I have never seen a job where it wasn't important. When I reviewed the notebooks on Friday, I realize we have more work to do. Oh well, it's early. 

In Algebra, we did a team building activity called, "What bothers you?" This is a fun activity where I can get some ideas about future POTENTIAL projects for class. It is also helpful to get students working together and open up during class. I had some great input on our second week of WPRs. WPRs are weekly progress reports completed by students as feedback for me. They did a great job completing these. I am happy with our skill progress and teamwork. I am still wanting students to work on positive attitudes and the "Happiness Advantage". I want my students to work on positive interactions with each other, teachers, and community. 

In Geometry, we had to restart our class project. But, we made some good progress on Friday. I feel this project is as important or more so, than the skill work we are doing. I also collected notebooks from this class. They were a little better than my Algebra class, but we still need to work on organization. With a small class like this we are really able to work on our teamwork. But, I still want  to have them work together more when they don't understand something. This class also gave great input on our weekly progress reports and many examples of positive things that happened in and out of class this week. 

Parents of both Geometry and Algebra students should get on Khan Academy to follow the skill 
progress of their student. I can't wait for the start of another week!

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