Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week 4 GHS Math 2012 -- Algebra 1

Another great week of Algebra 1 and Geometry at GHS.

Algebra 1
My Algebra 1 students really worked hard this week on skills. We continue to work with Inequalities and solving for variables. I really threw some TOUGH problems at them. Even though we had one frustrating day, we are making through and getting better. We had some fun with Dy/Dans 3Acts - Cheese Cutting Problem. I am convinced my students think I'm nuts. But I had fun working this RIDICULOUS, but interesting problem with them. Click the link and see what it's all about!

Lucky Cow - 3 Acts Cheese Cutting

We also started a GREEN Car search project. The students need to research 5 cars for their impact on the environment. They then need to analyze the data and make a choice of the 5. They MUST use Mathematical Reasoning to justify their decisions in a written report 1 page in length. They also need to use a spreadsheet to present the data and a graphical representation of that data. Projects are due Thursday!

The students work will be judged on the Scoring Rubric Below:

We will continue to work on this project this week along with more work on Algebra skills!

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