Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hard Work Matters! Great Week!

Tomorrow caps off a great week in my Math Classes. My students continue to amaze me with their hard work and dedication. I was raised that hard work pays off in everything you do. My students that are working hard are doing a great job. MOST of my students ARE working hard. I have only a few that are struggling academically. The number one reason for failure in my class is not doing your work.  Parents can check on students to see how HARD they are working. Just get on the school website and check the grades. If you start seeing a bunch of zeros you can bet they are NOT working hard.   Here's a recap of our week:


We spent a lot of time on KHAN ACADEMY this week working on Linear Equations, Slopes, Y-intercepts, and X-intercepts. Tomorrow, we will take a mini break from skill work and apply what we've learned about slope. We are having a "Slope Scavenger Hunt". Students will break up into groups and measure slopes. I have a list of 10 slopes for them to measure on our campus. The TEAM of students that accurate complete the list in the shortest amount of time win. My lovely wife has baked a great batch of cookies for the winning team!
I know students LOVE these equations. But, if we want students to be able to evaluate complex data and statistics they will need to be comfortable with linear relationships. We spend an enormous amount of time on becoming comfortable with linear equations. 


We have had a busy week with constructions this week. Students are getting more comfortable with the compass and straight edge. We started out just copying segments and angles. We concluded today with constructing a Square, Pentagon, and Hexagon. Tomorrow Students will design a "Personal Logo" using only a compass and straight edge. We haven't spent ANY time on Khan this week as they do not have a section dealing with constructions. The students have done a great job learning how to follow step by step instructions. I was asked the famous question "When are we ever going to use this?" In my recent discussion with other teachers, we all find students can not follow directions very well. Learning GEOMETRIC CONSTRUCTIONS is a fun way to help students learn to follow step by step instructions. When I teach this it always reminds me of my days "Helping Santa" put together toys at Christmas. We had many a late night following step by step instructions. I can't think of too many jobs where employees aren't required to follow a detailed set of procedures.

Looking forward to a FABULOUS FRIDAY!

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