Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Parent Teacher Conferences! -- Wed. Oct. 24th

A week from tonight, October 24th, will be GHS Parent Teacher Conferences. PLEASE, come!

I really would love to meet with every students parents. I love ALL my students and have great things to say about all of them. Parents don't get to hear those things very often and students need to hear those things. But, I also want parents to come and see what we're doing. From the guitar project to the twitter project, I want them to see what we are doing to bring math to life in the 21st century. Come and ask me about khan Academy, twitter, green car projects, blogs, powerschool, homework, and how we are trying to teach criticsl thinking and collaborationI at GHS. I want to help connect parents with their students on Khan, read this blog, and open the doors for them to be involved on a daily basis with educating their students at GHS!

SO, students and community members, get the word out. Parent Teacher conferences are Wednesday, October 24th from 3:30 - 7:30. You can call for a specific appointment or just drop in.

You can contact me at or call the school.  The phone number is 357-4114. My extension is : 3217

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