Monday, October 8, 2012

Should students be allowed to fail!

We had a great week last week in Algebra and Geometry ending with our first twitter project. Students did a nice job of picking apart the CDC report on Student Drinking and Driving. We had a great class and twitter discussion.

In Algebra we started work with Linear Equations, slopes, graphing, and the coordinate plane. This week we continue building on that while learning to manipulate the equations.

In Geometry we finally got through areas, perimeters, and circumference. After a little work everybody was successful on the assessment. We now get to move on to constructions. I love working with a compass and straightedge.

In Algebra, we had a discussion about "Should teachers let students fail?" Im not talking about students who work hard but still struggle. I'm talking about students who choose to fail. Teachers really struggle with students who just WON'T work and fail because of it. Most teachers at GHS won't fail a student that works hard. They give opportunity after opportunity to be successful. Math can be difficult and I provide many different methods for students to learn the material. I use tests and assessments as only one of many ways To demonstrate students have learned a concept. Projects, daily work, writing, collaboration, communication, engagement, and organization are all keys to being successful in my class. You could be weak in one or two areas, but still be successful.

The students all shared my thoughts that most students have to work pretty hard at failing in school. Several mentioned we should let them fail and suffer the consequences. But, I just can't give up looking for ways to help them see success. I love the challenge!

I am fortunate to have many great students who work hard in my classes. I love going to school and love the opportunity to work with my colleagues!

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  1. Yeah, I agree us students should be able to fail and still go to the next level or class. Because if you keep them back, they learn. Me, as a student, I have failed English 10.. I had to take a whole semester of it again. I am barely passing it now.
    We should be able to fail classes and keep going. Not stay behind.