Monday, October 1, 2012

This Week - Week #5 in Review!

Now that the Dekalb County Fair is over, Homecoming is behind us, and College Go Week has gone, we can actually get back to MATH! I love all the festivities at school, but they do have a tendency to distract students.

Algebra 1
I am in the middle of grading the "Green Car Projects" that were turned in on Friday. I loved this project and what it trained our students to do. It is so important for "Consumers" to research and analyze products before making major purposes. With the internet, we have access to such a vast amount of information. We have no excuse for making a poor choice when purchasing Cars, Homes, or other "Big Ticket" items.

This week we will start with reviewing for our second Assessment. The Assessment will take place tomorrow and we will collect Data Notebooks. Students should review Khan Academy skills practice sets on Absolute Value, InEqualities, Multi-Step Equations, and solving for a variable.

We will be jumping into MORE Linear Equations and Graphs of Lines. This has to be one of the most useful units we will learn about all year. Data Graphs are everywhere and a clear understanding of Lines, Slopes, and Linear Relationships is CRITICAL.

Here are the Khan Academy Skills we will be working on in this next unit:

          Graphing Points
          Graphing Points and Naming Quadrants
          Points on the Coordinate Plane
          Identifying linear relationships
          Indentifying slope of a line
          Line graph intuition
          Solving for the y-intercept
          Solving for the x-intercept
          Equations from tables
          Slope Intercept form
          Point slope form
          Converting between slope-intercept and standard form

We are also to the point of our next Assessment. We will review today and Assess tomorrow. Data Notebooks will be collected on TUESDAY. From there, we will do some work with constructions using Compass and Straightedge. Then we will begin our first BIG PBL PROJECT.

Khan Academy does not have any skill work for constructions. HOWEVER, we will continue to work on our Algebra and Math Skills in between working on Constructions and our PBL project.

My classes are doing GREAT! Just remember to KEEP WORKING HARD. Students need to keep notebooks up to date. Weekly Progress Reports are graded on the amount of time Students work on Skills IN-CLASS. If we work 60 minutes in a week, a student will need at least 54 minutes to get an A. Life Skills are graded on participation in class. That MEANS how much a student focuses on MATH during class time. WE DO NOT ASSIGN HOMEWORK AS LONG AS STUDENTS WORK HARD IN CLASS!

I am greatly impressed with the Positive Attitudes of the students in my classes. I look forward to learning with you EVERY DAY!

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