Thursday, October 4, 2012

Twitter Project GHS Math tomorrow!

I am nervous and excited about my first ever Math Twitter project tomorrow in my Math classes.

We will analyze a new report from the CDC about Teen Drnking and Driving. We will debate, comment, critique, and question this report and the data collected. We will attack the bold claim made by the CDC that student drinking and driving has decreased by 54% over the last 20 years. All of this debate will take place over Twitter.

Math class?

I know many people might question the VALUE of this project for Math class. "It has nothing to do with our current study of Linear Equations or Geometry." Or Does it? Besides the rich data in the report, the abstract also talks about linear and quadratic relationships of the data. Where else should students learn how to analyze data and apply reasoning to REAL life? They might need to know            y = mx + b for the state assessment, but they need to know how to analyze data to make informed decisions as future citizens in our state and country. At GHS we have our mission statement "To graduate responsible, productive citizens." In my opinion, this helps fulfill that mission. If you get a chance join in the conversation!


Twitter is the second largest social media site on the Internet. I want my students to have an AUTHENTIC audience. I don't want them limited to "performing" just for me. Commenting in 140 characters will take some thought!

Even though this is a serious topic, it will be fun to communicate using the Internet, while sitting in the same room.

Wish us Luck!

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