Saturday, November 10, 2012

Veterans Day 2012 -- It's about Honor!

My classes spent the day. Watching Veterans Videos and blogging about Veterans Day on Friday. I know it's Algebra Class, but there is nothing more important than making sure the next generation knows the sacrifices made by our military.

We first watched a shortened version of this Dad saying goodbye to his son who is leaving for Afganistan:

I just thought they should know how much a sacrifice it is for a family. I then shared this video from CBS Sunday Morning in 2011 about the Militaries Dignified Transfer procedure for those military personnel that gave the ultimare sacrifice. This is a great video:

I then had the opportunity to share with them the TWO times I have participated in the "Dignified Transfer" this past summer. Most of my students knew or knew of Jabraun Knox who was killed in Afganistan this past May. We talked about that sacrifice and the emotions of that loss.

 I also shared with them the video SPC Nick Talyor of Berne killed in action just 2 months after Jabraun. I shared this video with them and also shared how I knew this young hero and how close this hit to home for me.

At the end of class, my students wrote in their blogs to thank our veterans. As always, my students did a great job and I am honored to be with them Every single day. It is because of Military Heros like Nick and Jabraun that I have the opportunity to teach and help the youth of our community prepare for their future!

I have shared some of those posts on Twitter @ghsmath2012

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