Monday, December 3, 2012

Count Down?

I love the count down to Christmas. We have 22 days left and now the television is filled with Christmas Specials and Movies. I'm in the middle of watching a "Classic" -- Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. I can't count the number of times I've seen this movie, it's still hilarious!

BUT, the count down I'm talking about is NOT Christmas. I am counting down the days to my Algebra Class ECA test.  8 days left until the BIG DAY! The Algebra portion of the test is December 13th and 14th. My Algebra Classes are covering some new material this week, but we are mostly spending time reviewing concepts and covering practice problems.

I feel confident my students are ready, but just like a basketball team. Preparation is one thing. Putting it all together in a game is another. In the end, my students have to apply what they know.

In Geometry, our House Finishing Project is nearing completion. The groups make their presentations tomorrow. In many ways I have loved this project. Secretly, my students have learned to read blue prints, apply area and perimeter, converted units of measure, and used numerous 21st Century Skills like collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and problem solving.

The project hasn't been easy and there has been some stressful situations. But, I am proud of what my students have done. I also have learned quite a few things about PBL by doing this project. So, it has been a good FIRST PBL project.

My Geometry class will head back to more "pure" Geometry for a while and spend time studying TRIANGLES!

I have been back in the classroom for over 3 months and I could not ask for better students. They are learning and I am learning right along side them.  I am blessed!

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